Rhein-Ruhr Anti-stick coating

RHEIN-RUHR Beschichtungs-Service offers combinations of thermally sprayed bond coats with top coats either Metallic, Carbide or Ceramic combined with an additional polymer coating.


The use of special polymers are able to develop hydrophobic surfaces. In this way the sticking or bonding of very different materials can be hindered for example adhesives, rubber and plastics etc. By utilising various surface structures the anti-stick properties of the surface can be further increased.


The coatings exhibit high levels of anti-stick properties, good traction or low friction properties as required. By using industrial robotics the accuracy, evenness of coating distribution and reproducibility overall can be ensured. Combinations with the entire range of coating materials can be used to optimize the lifetime and function in operation.



· Manufacturing and processing of plastic films
· Manufacturing and processing of adhesive films
· Manufacturing and processing of paper
· Printing industry
· Manufacturing of hygene products
· Automobile industry


Coating Structure:
Wear Protective thermal sprayed coating with a polymer overlay 50-350 microns thick


Thermal Processing:


Substrates to be coated:
Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Carbon Fibre (Fibre glass in development)


RHEIN-RUHR Beschichtungs-Service GmbH

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