JP-5000/8000 HP/HVOF

The equipment used by RHEIN-RUHR Beschichtungs-Service is the High Velocity Oxy Fuel JP5000/JP8000 which belongs to the family of thermal spray processes and is characterized by its ability to produce extremely dense coatings with the best level of bond strength. The process is well suited for applying both carbide and metallic coatings. Either compressed air or carbon di oxide is used to prohibit thermal deformation or changes in the microstructural properties of the parts in question.



Rhein Ruhr Beschichtungs Service utilises gas or compressed air in order to prevent deformation or microstructure phase changes in the substrate.


With this process all metallic substrates can be coated which have a hardness of less than 58 Rockwell C.



All information regarding JP5000/8000 HP/HVOF are contained in our PDF(238 KB).

RHEIN-RUHR Beschichtungs-Service GmbH

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